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Walking Tour in Macau

Largo do Senado start your tour of the Macau peninsula in the gorgeous ‘Square of the Senate’ in the heart of Macau, which is easy to get to from the ferry terminal on bus 3. On the south side of the square facing Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro is the mainoffice, built in 1931, and close by is the restored Museum of the Holy House of Mercy. On or after here, walk to the northeastern end of the square.

2 Church of St Dominic Overlooking Largo de São Domingos is this church, with its unique emerald shutters and doors. 3 Macau Cathedral On the southern side of the square, you will spot a narrow road called Travessa de São Domingos. Trail this up to Largo da Sé and Macau Cathedral. 4 Lou Kau Mansion Housed on Travessa da Sé is Lou Kau Mansion, built in 1889. The street leads down into Rua de São Domingos. Take a right at the base of the hill and follow Rua de São Domingos and its extension, Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, to the corner with Calçada do Monte. Just visible across the garden to the east is the Consulate General of Portugal, house in a delicate colonial mansion.

See this Macau Map for the Walking Tour Route

5 Monte Fort Begin hiking up Calçada do Monte, and once you arrive at Travessa do Artilheiros, turn left. A cobbledleads up to the Monte Fort (and the Macau Museum (6 Ruins of the Church of St Paul Take the downstairs from the museum and toddle west to the façade of the Church of St Paul; there’s offering stunning views over the town on the north side leading to the former choir attic. 7 Antique & Chinese Shops Walk down the remarkable stone steps in front of the façade and carry on south along Rua de São Paolo, which is lined among antique shops.

Turn right on Rua das Estalagens, which is full of traditional Chinese stores and, once you arrive at Rua de Camilo Pessanha, turn left. At the western end of this street, turn left again into Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro and immediately on your left you’llthe Pawnshop Museum (8 Leal Senado Continue along Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. Afterthe Leal Senado(), turn right onto Rua Central, which  changes names several times as it heads southwest for the Inner Harbour. If you’re feelingyou may want to stop for a bowl of caldo verde at Afonso III.

9 Church of St Augustine Towering above this end of Rua Central is the Church of St Augustine and opposed that the Dom Pedro V Theatre. 10 Largo do Lilau Follow Rua Central’s extensions, Rua de São Lourenço and Rua da Barra, the Church of St Lawrence and Largo do Lilau; according to local folklore, should you drink from the fountain in this loving square, it’s a given that you will come back to Macau one day. 11 Moorish Barracks Further on are these huge barracks, finished in 1874 and now housing the offices of the marine Rua do Peixe Salgado (Street of Salted Fish) debouches into Rua do Almirante Sérgio, where you must turn left.

A short distance south is the ever full of life A-Ma Temple and opposite, transversely Rua de São Tiago da Barra, is the Maritime Museum. From here, you can go after Avenida da República to Avenida da Praia Grande and Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro or get on bus number 5 or 7.

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